Thursday, October 31, 2013


My youngest daughter's birthday was a little while ago and since I painted a poster for her sister on her birthday, I wanted to make something equally special for her on her birthday. The theme for her party was fashion/Paris so I thought I would make her a cameo with a life size silhouette of her in the middle. First, I drew the base of the cameo on 20" x 30"  black foam board, along with all the scroll work pieces. I cut out all the pieces with an X-acto blade.  I then glued the base onto white poster board, and glued on the scroll work pieces. Next I drew my daughter's silhouette onto black poster board, cut it out and glued it onto the white poster board. For the finishing touches I drew some embellishments around her silhouette with a Pitt pen. She thought it was great, but was more than thrilled when she realized that I gave her Barbie style hair.

cameo made from foam board with a sihouette

Foam core scroll work

Black Light Posters...

My eldest daughter's birthday just past and this year we had family visiting at the same time. As it happened It was their eldest daughters birthday as well, so we threw a black light/graffiti themed party for the both of them.  I wanted to do something unique for them, so I decided to paint their names in graffiti and to go a long with the theme, I decided to use black light paint. I painted them on 22" x 28" poster board using neon airbrush paint, neon sharpies and Pitt pens.The party was a blast and they were excited that they got to keep the posters.

Painting of a skyline and a tag

close up of a cartoon girl with a hat

Painting of graffiti under blacklight

painting of an urban girl tagging a wall

close up of a girl holding spray can

blacklight painting of a girl spraying graffiti

Monday, October 28, 2013

Logo Designs...

I was trying to come up with a logo to put on my business cards, website and anywhere else I could. Below are a few concepts that I came up with. As much as I liked all of them I never really used any of them, except as a Favicon. But they still came out pretty cool, so I thought I would share them.

Sample logos created in Photoshop

Subway Concepts...

Here are a couple of concept pieces I painted in Photoshop for a level I was designing in the Unreal Engine. I wanted to do a subway terminal that had a "Future Noir" feel to it like the movie Blade Runner. I envisioned holographic billboards and LCD displays everywhere, but still dark and grungy at the same time. The level's end result can be found HERE, and a further breakdown of the assets can be found HERE.

Concept art future pay phone

Concept art of future subway environment

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Fan Art...

I did this illustration of a mage from World of Warcraft, awhile ago, before my college days. I drew it first in pencil on golden brown charcoal paper and then colored it with colored pencil. Blizzard does such an amazing job with its character designs, that once I saw this one I just had to try and recreate it in pencil.

Colored Pencil World of Warcraft fan art

Gaming in Acrylic...

Here are a couple of acrylic paintings I did my first year at college.
The first is a painting of The Forsaken's crest from Wold of Warcraft. I painted it in four different color schemes, monochromatic, double complementary, desaturated and triad. This piece won, Most Promising New Student in color theory in the 2007, Student Awards Show at The Art Institute of Atlanta.

Acrylic painting of Wolrd of Warcraft

The second is a painting of agent 47 from the game Hitman. I also tried to enter this piece into the same Student Awards Show as the one above but it was rejected for overly aggressive content. I cant really blame them since the Virgina Tech shooting was still fresh in peoples minds at the time.

Acrylic painting of Agent 47

Monday, September 23, 2013

Star Wars Mural...

           A few years ago I painted this life size mural of Anakin and Yoda for my nephew. It was my first mural and quite a learning experience. I started it using a sharpie thinking that I would have more control over my lines than using a brush, but I found that if the light hits it just right, a sharpie leaves a metallic glossy finish that is not true black.  It looked horrible, so I had to go over most of it again with a brush.
          When the black was finished I went to paint the lightsabers with an airbrush. Not having much experience with an airbrush, I was worried about the overspray. So, I decided to mask off the area around them. That was a mistake, because when I removed the tape I found that it left a solid line instead of a nice feathered edge, which was what I had envisioned. Oh well... he loved it despite its flaws and I had fun creating something on such a grand scale.

Wall painting of Anakin and Yoda
A wall painting of Anikin Skywalker
A close up of a wall painting of Anakin Skywalker
A wall painting of Yoda
A close up of a wall painting of Yoda